Philakahle was founded in 2003 after its predecessor CHILD SURVIVAL PROJECT, operated under WORLD VISION, came to the end of its funding cycle. It is section 21 Company, with a registration number of 2003/025540/08.

Philakahle together with strategic partners, facilitate and assist communities to recognize and unlock their potential to promote abundant life. Anti-poverty strategies recognize the feminization of poverty, the poverty share carried by women and the role and power of women as catalysts for transformation. Philakahle has facilitated programmes and projects over ten years in Okhahlamba Municipality, with a considerable impact. Activities came alive because there were people inside and outside Philakahle who expended considerable energy in making those activities possible.


To promote abundant life for all the people of Okhahlamba, by building relationships of hope, love, and holistic support.


Facilitating the creation of healthy sustainable livelihoods and cohesively improving the quality of life within communities in extreme poverty and other underdeveloped areas by focusing mainly on households, women and children as targeted beneficiaries and partners within in the development process.